Where to Watch?

Lucky you if you're American or Canadian. You can watch online on CBS.


What if you are from Europe or anywhere else in the world?

1. Watch on YouTube

I recommend the Otaliafan YouTube channel. The best channel with the best and most spontaneous comments, and videos have very good quality to put on your iPod.

However, Destini puts her videos up quite late (2 am CET). Guiding Light airs at 11 pm CET.


If you want to watch earlier, I recomment charleyfan (medium quality), Yodaluver28 (good quality) or critic2000 (good quality).


2. Watch in real time

Usually, on the respective American or Canadian network websites, you are not allowed to watch because of regional restrictions.


However, you can watch online with the TVU player. Download it for free here. Enter CBS (channel). Guiding Light airs at 11 pm CET.

Otalia on the Go

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