Big Purple Dreams website (BPD)

This is the "official" Otaliafans website by Destini:


Big Purple Dreams (BPD) and BPD Podcast

Otalia on Live Journal

The Otalia LJ Community:


Big Purple Dreams on LJ

Otalia on Facebook

Otaliafan Facebook group: Otalia Fans


Facebook Quiz: "How invested in Otalia are you?"


Otalia on TWoP

The Television without Pity (TWoP) forum is known to discuss shows on a somewhat sophisticated and lengthy level. Spoilers are blackened out.


TWoP forum

Otalia on CBS

There is quite a nice community on this forum as well: CBS forum

Good blog with great insights: Superhero Lunchbox

A fanboard covering Otalia and Venice: HuHu Land

Twitter and Twibes

My favorite fan videos

Here are some of my favorite fan videos.