My favorite Otalia Stories

A Test of Faith by bldydestini

Olivia and Natalia have a quiet but profound moment at the end of a long Christmas Day.

This story is simply perfect.

Promises by still nina

Olivia tells Frank, he better be good to Natalia. However, Natalia tells Frank she has feelings for Olivia.

A story from Frank's POV. This is so good!

Wanted by Inclined

Olivia seeks out Natalia to confess a transgression and share a realization.

Inspired by a spoiler - I can picture it happen like this.

Drowning out the noise by Tinna Karen

Olivia and Natalia enjoy a passionate Sunday afternoon, not realizing that Rafe and Emma come home early.

Sexy and very very funny!

Finally Alone and Finally Together by emalinourie

Set after the preview of their spa weekend. Olivia and Natalia fall asleep on Olivia's bed after watching a movie. The next morning, Olivia wakes up with Natalia in her arms. What happened?

My shot at their first kiss.

Queen Olivia's Court by Witch0000 and Klaw

You have to be a member of incandecentfire to read it.

AU fic. Queen Olivia of the House of Spencer awaits a new lady in waiting from Spain, Lady Natalia Rivera.

Totally awesome and well written. If you like historical romance, read this!

Love in a New York Minute by Klaw

AU fic. Dr. Olivia Spencer and Natalia Rivera bump into one another at a NY Starbucks.

This is the best AU story I've read so far. Thumbs up!

Not Banana Pancakes by Jaina Solo2

Natalia has a forgetful moment after Olivia spends the first night in her bed.

Sweet and funny.

Loopholes and Peanut Butter by still_nina

Cookies are magic!

Sweet, beautiful and romantic

A New Routine by Kerisempai

Olivia and Natalia explore the physical side of being in love.

I liked the beginning very much. Very cute.

Acceptance by Karjens40

Natalia can't stop thinking about Olivia and gets jealous when she sees her with Doris.

Dolivia bliss. And very good Natalia insight. I liked this.

Not Dating by Wonko

Blis fic (Blake and Doris), sequel to Verisimilitude in Fiction 1/2 & 2/2. Doris and Blake are definitely not dating. 

Very sexy and well written. Like this a lot!

Progress by still nina

"The first time it happened, Olivia didn't even realize it until hours later."

I love this - this was adorable!

Uncomplicating by still_nina

The hospital kiss how it should have been.

First-rate fluff :)

A Few Days Away by Laracroft

You have to be a member of incandecentfire to read it.

Set mid-friendship, this is a hurt/comfort story. Olivia, Natalia and Emma decide to have a few days away.

So sweet!

Coming Apart at the Seams by DiNovia

This piece was requested specifically. Parameters: "Established couple. Natalia publicly admires Olivia's ass in jeans." 

Fun story, with some explicit language.

Waiting by Aubrey Enox

Drabble after June 2nd porch scene where Olivia tells Natalia it's not an ultimatum but something to think about.

I love Olivia's and Natalia's thoughts...very romantic.

The Heart of the Matter by darandkerry

Guiding Light/Grey's Anaytomy crossover. Olivia and Erica meet at a gay bar.

This is different, but fun. Liked it! It has to be Doris...