Glossary of Abbreviations and Sexy Food

Abbreviations etc.

bench slide - watch Olivia's park bench slide here at 3:10

Blis - Blake and Doris

BOL - Bench of Love

BPD - Big Purple Dreams (website)

BPP - Big Purple Podcast

CC - Crystal Chappell

Dimples - Jessica Leccia

Dolivia - Doris and Olivia

EW - Ellen Wheeler (Otalia writer)

FOL - Farmhouse of Love

Furter, Furtz - Frank (cf. clueless)

GOL - Gazebo of Love

GL - Guiding Light

Goddess - Crystal Chappell

Jellybean - Emma

JL - Jessica Leccia

JLH - Jill Lorie Hurst (Otalia writer)

JT - Jacqueline Tsirkin (Emma)

Kiss hair - this!

Loveglue - Emma

Otalia - Olivia and Natalia

Weener - Frank

Sexy Food

Watch here "Otalia- Sex, Fries, Videotape"


Buzz burger, with lots of onions - Natalia's favorite food

Cinnamon in the coffee - Line that never made it to the show because Jessica Leccia couldn't say it

Coffee...Latte - Olivia asks Natalia to come in after their first "date", offering to order coffee...latte

Cookies - Natalia, Olivia and Emma make 50 dozens of cookies for the church

Ice cream - Olivia, Natalia and Emma eat ice cream to cheer Emma up, and Olivia wipes it off Natalia's nose

Peanut butter - Natalia gives Olivia a secret sandwich seminar

Rafe's super secret sandwich - c.f. peanut butter. Peanut butter banana sandwich

Tuna noodle casserole - Natalia makes that often