First Aid For Sleep-Deprived Otaliaholics

Sleep-deprived and ever-tired? Staying up until midnight, waiting for Otalia to be put up, even if you need to get up early the next day? Chatting the night away with your online friends who live in a time zone not compatible with your work schedule? Reading fanfic all night?
Welcome to the team!



Random tips to fool people and look awake in the morning despite Otalia

Coffee... caffeine... put cinnamon in the coffee... need I say more? Make sure you drink lots of water, too!

Personally, I've been on diet coke lemon all day lately...

Begin the day with something positive, like Otalia on your iPod. This will bring a smile on your face every morning - at least for me :) (I used to read the news but now I do that during my lunch break)

Wake up concealer, my secret weapon... just don't wear any mascara with it. Yellow eye liner and light eye shadow work great, too.

Dress according to your color type (also called skin tone color matching or color seasons), either in warm or cold colors (spring, summer, fall, winter).

Example: Crystal is a spring type, who looks good in light warm colors like orange, but who looks slightly sick in gray or purple. Jessica however is a winter type, who looks just great in purple.